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The Three "R's" of the Egoscue Method:

Rediscover the body's design
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Return to health
- Pete Egoscue




Here is a list of your testimonials

This is to thank you for the excellent posture therapy I have received from you in the last months. It began with your giving me confidence that, at seventy-six, I could do something significant about the discomforts of a deteriorating posture. Your carefully applied your considerable knowledge of the human body to an analysis of my particular body, and then you devised exercise menus addressing my needs. You were always respectful of, and responsive to, my reports about how things were working. When something did not seem to work so well, you could call on a large repertoire of exercises to replace it with.

I wish I could say that I now have the body of a twenty-six-old. What I can say is that my seventy-six-year-old body is causing me much less discomfort, that I am sleeping better thanks to an almost total disappearance of leg cramps related to back issues, and that life has become more enjoyable. You did me a major service simply in getting me to exercise regularly and frequently. You have given me tools that I believe will serve me for a very long time.

You have something of real value to offer your clients; please feel free to give prospective clients my name and phone number. I wish you luck in your chosen mission and career.

Michael Kischner


Seattle, WA.

I had two areas of neck spasms and pain for five weeks. The pain was bad enough that I was not sleeping well. It literally hurt to brush my teeth or even comb my hair. My work was also suffering. Nothing was working to relieve the pain. OTC's, massage, nothing. After the first visit I felt much better, but still hurting, not as much as before I came. But the pain returned in a few days.  on the second visit, Rich discovered my root problem, adjusted my menu, and I left almost pain free!! After a week the pain is all but gone and I am back to my productive self again. Amazing. Thanks Rich!! 

Maria B.

Where do I begin.  Six weeks ago I made my first appointment with Rich of Sound Posture. He had come highly recommended to me by a friend who had remarkable results working with him using the egoscue method.  A skeptic that I am I did research prior about the method employed and much to my surprise it made perfect logical sense.  Muscles move bones and that through specific prescribed exercises perfect alignment can be attained and therefore pain free movement.  
Two months prior to my first appointment I went to a very reputable podiatrist for what I had self diagnosed as posterior tibial tendonitis due to my pronated right ankle.  The podiatrist confirmed this diagnosis further finding that one of my legs was longer than the other which probably caused my condition.  The treatment plan was to ice the inflamed inner ankle and to elevate when possible along with the use of a walking cast for 2 weeks with limited ambulation and do foot /ankle strengthening exercises and stretches.    In addition to this shoe orthotics were recommended.  This prescription was counter intuitive to me as walking was more difficult for me after sitting because of stiffness and it was impossible for me to stay off my feet due to my line of work.  Movement though painful always felt better than inactivity. I continued on doing foot/ankle exercises I found online and iced ankle at the end of day.  My condition stayed the same with no improvement.  This changed when I sprained my 'good ankle' .  This surprisingly helped my 'bad' ankle for some unexplained reason.  To make a long story short , I finally made the appointment with Rich of Sound Posture feeling desperate for improvement and more vulnerable. 
It is the best decision I have made and a great investment as I have steadily improved each week. I am in perfect alignment which has totally rid me of my posterior tibial tendonitis . My legs are even now. No swelling or tenderness at my inner ankle whatsoever .  This was accomplished with the assistance of Rich who is a pro at diagnostics and prescribing the proper exercises which have gotten me to this point.  I have not altered my daily regimen whatsoever.  I am on my feet 10-12 hrs a day for work while walking a minimum of 10 miles per day.  Improvement through movement.  Wow, never expected that.  I am still a work in progress as I have been walking improperly for a very long time and have to thus re learn how to walk basically using my foot as it was intended to be used.  
I am so grateful for the referral I received and for having such an intuitive , kind ,caring and committed practitioner of the egoscue method. 
Thank you Rich!!  I hope others who are experiencing pain from movement will utilize the services that are enabling me to move as I want to and feel better doing so.
Debbie Puleo



I have been going to a gym for 3 years, and, after a broken leg, to phyical therapy for the past 6 months. I have had 4 sessions with Rich. I now understand Sound Posture would have helped both the gym and physical therapy be more effective. My balance, strength, and flexibility are remarkably improved. The biggest surprise: I no longer need orthotics!!! I look forward to the daily stretches and exercises because they help me feel so much more grounded and solid on my feet. Early morning aches and pains, and moaning and groaning, have all but disappeared. I really feel Rich has helped me make these Boomer years my best years---thank you!!

Donna Crews Finney


Since I started working with Rich, my eyes have been opened to the injury prevention and recovery process my body uses to keep me performing at the highest levels.  I have worked with trainers at the highest college level and massage therapists around the country and symptoms and pains never seem to go away permanently,  My posture/ structure was never corrected and the harder I worked to push my potential, the more these injuries repeated and became worse.  Since starting with Rich, my alignment has improved in my shoulders and core resulting in less pain from recurrent injuries. The real cause of problems is being surfaced and treated in my current E-cises and swelling in my ankles has gone away for the first time in my career.  Because of all the one-on-one time with Rich, he has identified the problem and where my treatment plan is going with not only my injuries but the muscles that are causing these injuries.  I'm excited where I'm at after 6 weeks of correction in posture, even more so to continue working with Rich to bullet proof my body for the highest levels of athletic performance.

Jay Wisner

Auburn Tigers Wide Receiver - Football

The reason I first consulted with you was for the aching in my left instep. I had previously purchased a pair of orthotics, but the relief was only minimal. As a groundskeeper of a medical facility, walking on mostly concrete all day, I was thinking I might need to change careers. At 55 years old I was not enthusiastic about this eventuality.

After approximately two months of exercises, I have only occasional, mild discomfort in that foot.  Additionally, my right hip joint pain has descreased.

You have given me a schedule designed  to stabilize my knees as well as address the arthritis in m two "big" toes. I am already experiencing more ease with stairs. Egoscue works!!

I AM a fan!  Thanks Rich!

Jeff Sterland

I am so excited about my continued work with Rich and Egoscue.  I am 53 years old and after my first appointment, I instantly had a increased awareness of my body, felt taller and an overall improvement with regard to the chronic aches and pains that I have due to aging.  

Laura Chester


Came to see Rich about a nagging knee problem that has gone on for some years. Usually some aspirin and ice took care of it. Lately, it got so bad that my Orthopedic Dr. told me I may have to stop running all together, some thing I am loath to do. So, I came to Rich on the advice of a friend who got very good results from the therapy. After the first session, not much better, still hurt. But, by the third session there was a definate improvement. Knee is no longer sore in the morning. I have been going on short runs, NO pain. Even my ankles are feeling much better. No stiffness after sitting at the desk all day.  This  therapy is amazing, affordable, and best of all, it works!!! Thanks Rich.

Mark P.


I have been playing soccer for fifteen years and you can be sure my body has taken a beating!  I am now 23 and after bi-lateral ankle reconstruction and five years of Pac-12 collegiate soccer, I needed to find another way for my body to function efficiently at the pro-level.  Egoscue is the tool I needed.  Working with Rich and Egoscue has helped my performance in all sorts of ways and I noticed changes in the first few weeks.  I no longer have hip pain, my ankles have become stronger and more stable, and I even feel my overall speed has increased.  Rich presented Egoscue to me in the most thorough manner, addressing each exercise's purpose to improving my posture.  His investment in Egoscue and his patients is obvious when talking with him and I know he would do anything in order to help me enhance my performance.  Rich also makes himself very available if I run into questions or problems while doing the exercises at home.  If for some reason he was not able to figure out what was causing a problem, he uses his team at Egoscue to find a solution.  Egoscue is great, but working with Rich is why I still do my exercises!

Allie Wisner


This may not be a big deal, but it is to me.  I was able to put my own shoes on while sitting in a chair. Just crossed my legs and put my shoes on. I have not been able to do this for two years without screming back pain. This was my second visit. Just wow. No Pain!

Debbie B.



Well here's my story... I had back surgery 5 years ago for a herniated disc and cant do chiropractic...and started heading to to the road to surgery again ...wearing my back brace every day and my back starting to go out very frequently...and sciatica in hip. I've been broke so put off seeing rich for too long!!!!Saw him a week ago and i am doing my exercises every day and not needing my back brace every day and pain free and feeling awesome with no pain twinges in my lower back!! I highly recommend Rich he is a miracle man!!!

Katie Burke

Seattle, Wa.