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Articles and Opinions by Rich 



Is Aging Inevitable?


I would like to talk for a moment about aging. Is it inevitable? Of course.  Can it be stopped? Well, no, not yet. Can we slow it down? Absolutely!


Part of what everyone believes aging to be is pain in the joints and loss of range of motion. These symptoms have nothing to do with aging. Your joints do not have a time limit; they are not supposed to just start falling apart because of age or use.  The main cause for joint pain and loss of mobility as we age is postural misalignment. Overuse does not cause joint pain, per se. What causes the pain is a joint being used that is not in alignment with its structural integrity. In other words, muscles have pulled the bones out of alignment. When muscles pull bones out of alignment you get joint pain. Imagine if you will, someone who types a lot. As long as your posture is in alignment, you will suffer virtually no pain in your joints no matter how long you type. However,if your wrists, elbows and shoulders are not in alignment with the rest of your skeletal structure, you are forcing your fingers to work at angles they are not designed to be at. While the body, being amazingly adaptable as it is, will accommodate bad positioning to get the job done. If you keep working with the same bad position, you will start to suffer the symptoms of joint pain. Do this for a 20 year career, and it is no surprise you have carpal tunnel and arthritic elbows, wrist and fingers.


Picture this example:  Using a screwdriver to open wooden boxes. It will work, and it will get the job done.  But, sooner or later that screwdriver is going to break. The screwdrivers job is to drive screws, not pry open boxes.  The same thing happens to us when we continually force an out of alignment body to perform all of its tasks. Eventually it will affect low back, hips, knees, ankles, neck, shoulders, elbows and hands. Any or all of these areas will start showing the symptoms of over-abuse.


Is it hopeless? No, not at all. Putting the body back into alignment will relieve a great deal of the pain and joint stress you're feeling. Remember, muscles move bones! It is muscle that pulled the bones out of alignment, it is also muscle that will put it back.





Let's talk about knees if you please. I have been hearing about how delicate knees are for some years now. Let's set the record straight shall we?

Knees are not delicate. 

Here is what happens: due to our modern lifestyle, we sit more than we stand. Add to this, weakened abdominal muscles and poor posture. The culprit here is not the knees, but the psoas iliac muscles. When the psoas iliac muscles tighten and shorten, the attachment to the femur causes the femur to roll out and the pelvis tilts forward. Look down at your feet, are they split out on either or both sides? This is commonly called having duck feet. It is a telltale sign of a tight  iliopsoas. If your femurs or thighs are rotated out, your knees like to point out to the side too, as do your feet. When you run you are literally running with the side of your knee forward instead of the kneecap forward like it should be. This is what's known as using your body beyond its design, forcing the knees to run in and off track. Out of line motion will definitely cause knee pain and problems. In addition to your poor knees, your hips, ankles and feet are also taking a beating. Eventually, running with your femurs, knees, feet, and hips out of alignment will be due to injury. So, now we know what causes sore delicate knees. When running with rotated femurs and knees pointing out, you are asking a hinge joint to move in a lateral motion, contrary to its design. So, are you stuck with bad knees/painful knees? The answer is No. Here at Sound Posture we have ways of getting those knees, ankles, hips and feet all back in line. Once we get your structure in line the pain goes away and you are able to return to running pain free. And once I show you the tools to keep yourself in line you will always have them and never have to worry about this type of pain again. So if your feet point out and your knees hurt give me a call.

                           THE EGOSCUE PROCESS AND PAIN                                                    

I would like to talk a little bit about the Egoscue process. Egoscue is not supposed to cause pain, that is acute pain. As you take your posture from being misaligned back into alignment you can expect aches and pains and what we call pain flare-ups.Typically what happens is you have started your program and you are starting to feel better than a few days into it you go back to your normal activities and all of the sudden, pain. A lot of the feedback I get in my clinic is people will do the exercises and feel great for a few minutes to a few hours but the old pain comes right back. What you are experiencing is your body in alignment and that is when you are pain-free, but then the body recognizes this new alignment as something foreign and wants to go back to its old familiar but painful posture. this is absolutely normal. Just as it took time for your body to come out of proper alignment it will take time for your body to get back into alignment.During that time you can expect aches and pains and pain flare ups in areas you may not have expected. These are generally short term and only last a few days to a week before they dissipate and disappear. So what is happening? Your body is slowly starting to adjust to its proper alignment. When you were first getting out of alignment, you had aches and pains in different parts of your body.You did not realize what your body was telling you. Stiff neck and tight shoulders from sitting at the computer all day were the first signs that misalignment was starting to set in. But because the pain wasn't immediately agonizing you tend to stretch and rub it out and ignore it. However, the misalignment continued, slowly but surely. As a matter of fact, it has gone on so long that you have come to expect the pain and stiffness as normal. This pain and stiffness is anything but normal. It is your body telling you something is very wrong. But, all is not lost nor is the dysfunction, pain and misalignment permanent. The aches and pains and flare-ups you're experiencing are actually positive signs. It is a very positive indication that what you're doing is working. trust the process. It took years to get out of alignment it's going to take months to get you back into alignment. The good news is, the pain flare ups and the aches and pains are not permanent, but being in proper alignment and pain-free is.